Atraumatic Insertion methods (XL and AST)

The POWERWAND provides clinicians with the option of two effortless insertion methods for delivery of the “undisputed, best in class” midline catheter.

The AST (accelerated Seldinger technique) insertion technique combines all necessary elements for insertion (needle, guidewire, dilator and catheter) into a single, coaxially mounted unit. This is the fastest of all methods in the marketplace. When you need vascular access fast, AST is the way to go.

The XL technique is a component-based technique more closely related to traditional MST insertion. This is the easiest of all insertion methods in the marketplace. With 4 steps fewer than MST, the XL method streamlines catheter insertion. It simply cannot get any easier.

Both AST (fastest) and XL (easiest) eliminate catheter trimming and the need for a sheath, allowing you to advance the catheter over the wire and prevent it from scraping the intima of the vessel. The ZERO-EDGE™ transitions between the catheter and dilator allow for near-frictionless entry without the need for a skin nick. Elimination of catheter trimming and the sheath reduces risk of DVTs and back leaking.