superior design

POWERWAND Pediatric is a 3Fr, 6 cm extended dwell (up to 29 days) catheter designed for the same superior performance as the rest of the WAND Family of products.

In addition to providing a superior catheter, Access Scientific also offers a one-of-a-kind, tailor made kit to meet the unique needs of pediatric patients.

POWERWAND Pediatric Kit Includes:

  • 3Fr, 6cm POWERWAND
  • Pediatric ZPad™ with hydrocolloid adhesive
  • Cavilon™ alcohol-free, no-sting prep pad
  • Tegaderm™ IV Advanced Dressing
  • ChloraPrep™ skin prep
  • Smiley face mask
  • I.V. House® UltraDOME™
  • Small bore, power injectable tubing
  • Cartoon-printed towels and drapes
  • Guide for Pediatric Use

Easiest insertion

The POWERWAND 3Fr catheter provides clinicians with the option of two, effortless insertion methods for delivery of the “undisputed, best in class” catheter. The ZERO-EDGE™ transitions allows for atraumatic entry without the need for a skin nick, catheter trimming or peel-away sheath, thus, reducing the potential risk of complications.‡

The two POWERWAND insertion methods are designed to:

Improve clinical outcomes through atraumatic insertion of the catheter

Reduce risk of DVT by up to 500%‡ – no trimming of catheter necessary

Reduce risk of back leaking – no peel-away sheath

Results in faster, fewer steps

These methods provide pediatric patients with what they deserve;

the potential for a

One-stick hospitalization

unrivaled performance

POWERWAND Pediatric is an all-purpose, power-injectable, 3Fr, 6cm extended dwell catheter designed for adult and pediatric patients.  This unique catheter has the highest flow rate and power injection rating of any 3Fr catheter, making it excellent for pediatric use.  It also is made of ChronoFlex C, the same material of the original POWERWAND, which now boasts over 35,000 catheter-days without one, single infection.

Extended Dwell (up to 29 days)

Power Injectable (8mL/sec, 325 psi)

Blood Drawable

High Flow (75mL/min)


The ease of insertion and clinical superiority of the POWERWAND provides hospitals with a vascular access device that has proven safety advantages for one of the hospitals most important patients.‡

Potential one-stick hospitalization

Increased patient satisfaction




POWERWAND for Pediatric Use – POWERWAND is cleared for pediatric and adult patients (contraindicated for neonates) with specific pediatric instructions provided, per regulatory requirements.

Training videos



Pediatric ZPad Instructional Video