Ensuring sufficient length of the catheter inside the vessel can be a challenge for bariatric patients. POWERWAND offers the solution — with both Midline and EDC options.

POWERWAND’s 10cm, 4 & 5Fr midlines are long enough to provide ample catheter length within the vessel, while also avoiding the dangers of longer, cut catheter – namely DVTs.

For example, a 10cm POWERWAND placed in a 2cm deep vessel has 2.82″ of catheter inside the vessel—longer than any PIV. The same 10cm POWERWAND placed in a 3cm deep vessel has 2.25″ inside the vessel.

The POWERWAND EDC is a 3Fr, 6cm (2.4 inch) extended dwell catheter that is longer than a PIV, but shorter than a midline. POWERWAND EDC is ideal for forearm placement. The long length and over the wire insertion technique allow for easy, trouble-free access, either with or without ultrasound guidance.