Access Scientific, LLC (ACCESS) is dedicated to establishing the new standard of vascular access by commercializing its proprietary WAND technology, demonstrated through its premiere product, the POWERWANDmidline catheter. The POWERWAND and CVC WAND™ enable clinicians to perform the fastest, safest, and simplest insertion methods in order to deliver the undisputed, best in class products.

ACCESS’s team of seasoned medical device-company veterans is focused on improving patient safety through the combination of superb design/engineering and exacting quality assurance. The POWERWAND and CVC WAND were developed and commercialized by the same team that made StatLock® catheter stabilization devices the worldwide standard for patient safety.

Addressing a worldwide market opportunity of more than $2.2 billion, the POWERWAND and CVC WAND are the ultimate refinements in vascular access technology as supported by their exceptional clinical results.

ACCESS is a limited liability corporation based in San Diego, California.


Access Scientific, LLC is dedicated to protecting, preserving and restoring the health of our people and, to the extent possible through our concentrated efforts, of our planet. Our people include the patients and healthcare practitioners whom the company´s products ultimately serve, as well as our employees and contract workers. “Our planet” refers to the air, water and land we influence through our actions.


Access Scientific, LLC will form and follow a socially and environmentally responsible quality management system that will consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements as well as assure effectiveness. In all instances we put the patient first, recognizing that at the end of every production effort there is a patient whose health depends, in some measure, on the proper performance of our product and services.