The WAND family of products are carefully designed to protect both patients and providers. Bloodstream infections are a known risk associated with vascular access catheters. Conclusions from recent clinical studies show no occurrence of bloodstream infections associated with use of the POWERWAND™. These studies combined have totaled over 35,000 catheter days without bacterial infections1-10.

Peer-Reviewed Published Studies

Lead Author Institutions Journal Reported Bacterial Infections Catheter-days
Warrington Orlando Regional Medical Center JAVA 2012 0.0% 1,068
Moureau* 400-bed urban level 1 trauma center JAVA 2015 0.0% 2,660
Moureau* 215-bed not-for-profit hospital JAVA 2015 0.0% 7,488
Caparas New York Presbyterian Queens JAVA 2017 0.0% 8,145
DeVries* Methodists Hospitals AJIC 2019 0.0% 5,349
Seo NYU Langone Health Annals of Pharma 2019 0.0% 1,005

*M.D. and N.M. were paid consultants with Access Scientific

Scientific posters

Lead Author Institutions Poster Reported Bacterial Infections Catheter-days
Castro Las Palmas Medical Center 2012 AVA Conference 0.0% 477
Bird Texas Health Harris Methodist Hosp. 2012 AVA Conference 0.0% 624
Caparas New York Presbyterian Queens 2013 INS Conference 0.0% 8,426
Baliad Flagstaff Hospital 2013 INS Conference 0.0% 617
Robbins San Antonio Military Med Car 2014 Amer Burn Assoc 0.0% 210

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